Solar Powered Velux Skylight Windows

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Solar Powered Velux Skylight Windows

solar powered velux skylight Solar powered skylights feature a solar panel that captures sunlight in order to recharge a hidden battery that is used to open and close the roof window. It comes with a remote control and built-in rain sensor to close the window if you are not home, saving your home contents from water damage. 

  • Blocks 80% of heat;
  • Choice of nine (9) sizes;
  • Low profile and sits lower in the roof without obstructing the roofline;
  • Built in rain sensor to close the skylight when it rains;
  • Grey external aluminium cappings;
  • White painted interior wood frame and sash;
  • High performance double glazing with outer coating reducing cleaning frequency; and
  • Standard insect screen to keep nature’s little friends at bay.

  • Available home automation system interface;
  • Timer function;
  • External rain sensor; and
  • Radio frequency (RF) controller with advanced options for skylight and blind operation.

Velux Skylights are great for the environment and work when your electricity doesn’t. Unlike traditional electric skylights which require power to work, Velux Solar Skylights always work even when the sun does not shine. A little bit of sunshine is enough to operate it for days. This is particularly important given South Australia’s fluctuating supply of electricity.

If you know how to operate a smartphone you’ll be able to operate your new Velux Solar Skylight. The remote control looks as good as your smartphone, is free, and does only adds value (rather than depreciating over time).

A single touch of the screen is enough to open or close your solar powered skylight. If you wish to control another unit, simply swipe your finger across the screen and tap.

You may control up to two-hundred (200) Velux Solar Powered Skylights with one remote control, or have a remote control in each room or one for each skylight. Every skylight comes with a remote so the choice is yours.

You don’t have to a lift a finger. As soon as a single rain drop hits the sensor the skylight will close automatically, even when you’re not at home. This means you can set and forget your solar powered skylights.

The ultimate roof window gets even better: Velux roof windows and skylights are as leak proof as roof tiles. The Southside Group has made sure to only recommend and install the highest quality skylights and roof windows. That is why we’ve selected this model as it passed the same Australian Standard test as roof tiles. Not only is it a beautiful addition to your home but it is Tonka Tough and made to withstand even the most brutal hailstorm, leaving the glass unaffected.

This is the only glass skylight in Australia that has passed a hail test. Don’t settle for less.

It goes without saying that Australia has some of the most unforgiving and beautiful weather in the world. Velux is the only manufacturer of solar powered skylights that has passed every single test that could be thrown at it, these include:

Cyclone Testing

Velux Solar Powered Skylights are tough enough to withstand cyclonic conditions and passed the AS 4285 cyclone test which involved fixing the skylight to a bed and sealed to prevent air escaping. Air is then pumped beneath the skylight to expand it and sucked out again over ten thousand (10000) times.

Hail Testing

Since Australia does not a have a uniform hail test to measure the resilience of glass, Velux adopted the American ASTM E822-2009 hail impact test where glass is subjected to brutal regime of bombardment by synthetic hail stones the weight of cricket balls at speeds up to 172 KPH (faster than any professional bowler). The end result? Not a single scratch. Talk about durability.

Bushfire Testing

Velux Skylights have passed the unforgiving Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40) test. This means they are designed to withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius. That is one fifth the temperature of the Sun’s surface or the equivalent of lava flowing from a volcano for up to ten minutes. This is an important consideration given that most bushfires pass within two (2) to five (5) minutes.

The Southside Group only stocks to most hi-tech skylights that you can buy in Australia. What makes Velux Solar Powered Skylights special is their unique NEAT™ coating which provides the following benefits:

Water Dispersal

The NEAT ™ coating ensures the glass surfer is so smooth that water disperses evenly and evaporates quickly. This coating drastically reduces water spotting.

 Organic Matter Decomposition

By working with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the unique NEAT ™ coating breaks down organic matter before the shower of rain rinses it away. This is particularly important for bird droppings and means your skylights require much less cleaning.

Photocatalytic Coating

This special coating covers the complete surface of the outer pane and uses silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide to make your life easy by keeping your skylight clean.

Simply call, visit our showroom, or request a quote online and one of Velux Roof Window and Skylight installers in Morphett Vale will guide you through the process and provide you with a free measure and quote. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise there will be no mess, no fuss and importantly no leaks.

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