Solatube Smart LED

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Solatube Smart LED

Smart-LEDSolatubee Smart LED is a 24-hour home LED lighting solution. This innovative system combines advanced LED lighting technology with state-of-the-art daylighting for unparalleled energy efficiency. The Smart LED system uses LED globes (most energy efficient available) to fill in the gaps when the sun’s light is dim or absent.

Balanced Daylight Around The Clock

By delivering balanced light day or night, the Solatube SMART LED System affords you 24-hour lighting by using energy efficient LED’s and daylighting to reduce energy use by up to up to 94%.The Solatube Smart LED Lighting System is smart way to brighten dark bathrooms, hallways, entryways, closets and more. Compatible with Solatube’s stylish light fixtures, the Smart LED system gives a tubular skylight the same all-day, all-night functionality as a traditional electric light. When the sun is not providing sufficient light, the high-efficiency LEDs switch on

Simply call, visit our showroom, or request a quote online and one of our skylight installers in Morphett Vale will guide you through the process and provide you with a free measure and quote. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise there will be no mess, no fuss and importantly no leaks.

  • Adds brightness to rooms;
  • Delivers perfect colour rendition;
  • Cuts electricity use and lowers power bills;
  • Operates automatically for hands-free lighting; and
  • Outlasts traditional light sources.

Solatube SMART LED system features SunSense Technology to combine energy efficient LEDs with limitless daylight to deliver the perfect blend of light, day or night. When the sun’s light is soft in the morning or fading in the evening, the LEDs give it a boost. When the sun is down, the high efficiency LEDs take over. The Southside Group is proud to provide you with the best of both worlds

  • 23 m2 Light Coverage Area
  • 250 mm Tube Diameter Size
  • 1032 cm2EDCS
  • 6 m+ Potential Length

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