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Skylight & Roof Window Installation

Skylights let in free natural light, preventing the need for lights to be turned on and therefore providing instant savings on your electricity bill. They are a cost effective and efficient way to brighten up the darkest rooms including Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hallways or other living spaces.

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of a wide range of skylights and blinds. Blinds are perfect for times when you want to limit the light in TV Rooms or to help with an occasional sleep in.

Skylights Are Designed To Let Natural Light Into Your Home

We specialise in supply skylights that create a clear view to the sky above and function as a window for your ceilings. By using Nature’s Gift, we are able to transform your workplace, office, or home allowing you enjoy all the light you want for free.

Skylights have many benefits: Just think about the savings on your electricity bills when you only need to turn the lights on for several hours a day, and not to mention the health benefits of having ample Vitamin-D flow into your space. Not only are skylights a creative way to freshen up a tired living space, but they also add value to your home. If you want to take it a step further, we can also install ventilating skylights for you which allow you to open up your ceiling and let in fresh air.

Skylights Questions

We get asked this question a lot and want to assure you that all our Skylights made to fit all Australian roof types including:

  • Corrugated;
  • Metal decks;
  • Tile Roofs; and
  • Concrete Roofs.

We can install skylights flat, pitched or gable roofs, and even raked ceilings.

  • Rectangular skylights;
  • Round skylights; and
  • Flexible and solid shafts.

Smaller domes are formed form 3mm acrylic and larger domes are formed from acrylic. A variety of tint and clear domes are also available.

We recommend that you inspect your skylights at least once a year to clear any build-up of debris such as leaves or rubbish. Depending on the location of your skylights this may need to be done more often – for example if your roof is situated under a deciduous tree such as an ash, aspen, elm, maple, oak, poplar or willow tree.

It may be tempting to think that nature will simply wash away the debris, but you should still take care great care to scale your roof (or hire a professional) and clear your skylights with soak, water and a non-abrasive sponge. We recommend that you do not use any solvents and thinners and wipe over to clear off any caked dust or build up which may cause premature corrosion.

  • Southside Group is SA owned;
  • Over 20 years’ experience;
  • Free measure & quote;
  • Locally manufactured skylights;
  • Locally employed tradespeople;
  • Easy Installation;
  • Made To Withstand Australian Conditions;
  • Low Silhouette; and
  • Economical.

We pride ourselves on being able to pair up our customers with skylights that satisfy every requirement at competitive prices. Visit our showroom or view our skylight design gallery to browse a wide range of different skylights.

Our expert skylight installation contractors can install your skylights in under three hours. We get it right the first time and take extra care to treat your home or business with respect, because at the Southside Group our customers have been our number one priority for the last 20 plus years. We know that once you experience the difference of having a skylight installed you’ll wonder how you ever lived without all that natural light.

We look forward to taking your dark and gloomy rooms into the light. Call us today: 08 8384 6144.

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