Pitched Patio Verandahs

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Pitched Patio Verandahs

Patio and verandah roofing makes it easy to enjoy your garden at any time of the year whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall. The Southside Group’s range of affordable patio and verandah roofing is a perfect addition for anyone who wants to add an element of luxury and increase their home’s value.

There are many kinds of patios, and each carries its own unique advantages such as creating a relaxing area that allows you, your family, and friends to enjoy the fresh Morphett Vale air. However, before making a decision, you should carefully explore all of your options to ensure you only get the best design for your needs. At the Southside Group, our expert consultants pride themselves on making sure customers are paired with the best patio or verandah that complements their property – for life.

So what kind of patio is right for you?

One our most popular patio designs is the pitched patio design, which we’ll consider in greater detail below.

The Different Designs

Architecturally speaking, pitched patio roofing comes in two forms: freestanding or attached. Freestanding patios allow for greater freedom if a replacement is sought, and reduce the risk of building errors affecting your home, whereas attached patios look more like an extension of your home. However, there are also two forms of attached pitched patios. There are flyover pitched patios and reverse pitched patios.

Our Patio Options

Pitched patios are often considered to be synonymous with gable patios. However, there is a difference and it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each design option. This is how we keep you happy by providing you will all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Flyover pitched patios see the roof pitched away from the house; they’re attached to the home, but with the conjoining elements leaving a small gap between the house’s roof and the apex of the pitched roof. This has a key advantage of guaranteeing two-way airflow which in turn lets more heat escape. The air travels from the entrance of the patio (where the slope ends), and out of the gap at the apex. This means flyover pitched patio designs have fantastic ventilation.

Reverse pitched patios see the patio roof pitched towards the house, with the slope’s end attached to the roof of the house. One of the advantages is that rainwater drains easily into the gutter system of the roof.

Gable patios refer to a very specific type of pitched roof; a dual-pitched roof. A gable patio has slopes in two directions, similar to roofs you see on most average Morphett Vale homes. When someone refers to a pitched patio instead of a gable patio, they are actually referring to a mono-pitched roof which is more affordable and less complex to build.

Whatever style you choose, one of the biggest advantages of pitched patios in Morphett Vale is their complementary aesthetics. A pitched roof patio satisfies the cosy and homey vibe that many homeowners in suburban Morphett Vale desire. Why? The sloping lines make the extension look like a natural part of the house as pitched house roofing is common among most Morphett Vale homes.

Pitched patios are also great for drainage. Whereas flat roofs risk material weakening after years of rainwater effects (if preventative additions aren’t made during construction, or if maintenance isn’t kept up), pitched patios largely take care of themselves by allowing rainwater to drain via the roof’s run. The steeper the slope, the more effective this will be.

Pitched patio cost tends to exceed flat roofing options, or skillion patios. They do, however, tend to be cheaper than gable patios. They’re not quite as simple to construct, though there’s great variance in the amount of materials you can use to build them.

More so than with skillion patios, the design and construction of pitched patios must be very precise and expert. There’s more of a constructional compromise game at play: for example, maximizing the efficiency of rainwater runoff can result in a lowered need for maintenance, but it also means that the pitch has to be very steep indeed, which can result in a more complex construction period, as well as reduced headroom at the bottom of the slope (if the pitched patio is a flyover pitched patio, as most are).

Still, all of this can be extremely worthwhile if you take into account the many benefits of a pitched patio. Ensuring that you get the most out of a pitched patio in Adelaide means ensuring that you work with experts in patio renovations and extensions. Some contractors out there may offer you a good price but at the cost of quality, doing a sloppy job and leaving you with a problematic patio. (But hey, at least it was cheap!)

You should instead choose to work with experts in Morphett Vale patio work who don’t compromise on price, quality, or service.


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