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Benefits Of Heavenly Intelligent Skylights

Heavenly Intelligent SkylightThe Heavenly Intelligent Tubular Skylight system from Solatube is designed to give you the benefits of natural light in any room for a moderate price. Heavenly intelligent uses effective ray bending technology and is the most affordable tubular high quality skylight. It allows for high and low angled light to be absorbed which means more daylight at any hour. This ensures consistency as the sun moves across the sky.

  • Great value for money;
  • Available in two sizes (250mm and 400m) to suit all home applications;
  • Savings on power bills for a small investment;
  • 8 year product warranty;
  • Complies with Australian Standards AS4285;
  • Available in all roof flashings;
  • 96% reflectivity on the tube;
  • Laser light bending technology using a unique built in lens;
  • Transparent all in one moulding unlike conventional skylights;
  • Increase flow of natural sunlight into poorly lit rooms;
  • Effortless installation which does not require structural modification; and
  • Perfect for bathrooms, hallways, corridors, home offices, kitchens, dining rooms, closets, utility rooms and unused attics.
  • Ventilation Add –On 400mm & 250mm Kit that moves stale and moist are out of your home;
  • Skylight Fire Damper to fire rate a skylight when penetrating fire rated ceilings;
  • Light Add-On Kit to minimise the light fittings in your ceiling and locate them inside your skylight;
  • Daylight Dimmer – control the light coming in through the butterfly baffle, available in manual or electric;
  • Double (2 layer) glazed diffuser to minimise heat entering your home during the summer and prevent heat escaping in the winter;
  • Blackout Diffuser to block out all natural light
  • Prismatic Diffuser to maximise the spread of light output;
  • Slimline diffuser perfectly suited for task lighting in a particular area;
  • Translucent diffuser to provide a softer light where glare may be a concern; and
  • Décor trim to enhance the appearance of the prismatic diffuser.

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