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Fencing Made In Adelaide

The Southside Group only manufactures the highest quality steel and aluminium tubular fencing. When you buy tubular fencing from the Southside Group , you receive fencing that is custom made to suit your style and budget. Here at the Southside Group , we take great pride in being the top manufacturer and supplier of aluminium and steel fencing in Adelaide.

We highly recommend tubular fencing for front fences, pools, spas and the garden. Our tubular fencing is manufactured in either steel or aluminium, powder coated in-house and installed by our experienced team of fencing contractors so you may rest assured your fence is being constructed to the highest quality.

Not only do we make to order tubular fencing, but we also manufacture do it yourself fencing kits for the handyman or handywoman. So, if you are wondering how to build a fence (LINK) you’ve also come to the right place.

Our Different Designs

Tube Fencing Questions

Powder coating is the electrostatic application of protective and decorative coating as a dry powder which is then cured in an oven. This curing process heats the dry powder and lets it flow and form a hard solid film. The Southside Group prefers powdering coating because powder does not require harmful solvents and is free from toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC). Customer satisfaction and well-being is our top priority.

Tubular fence panels and gates are manufactured to the following size specifications and are made to order locally in Adelaide:

  • Panels are 1.2 meters high and 2.4 meters wide
  • Gates are 1.2 meters high and .95 meters wide

If you are a handyman or handy woman we can supply you with made to order galvanized steel tubular fence panels and gates starting from only $97 per panel excluding the cost of posts and gate fitting. To learn more, download our brochure and familiarize or visit our inspiration gallery.

The Southside Group manufactured tubular fence panels and gates using the highest quality galvanized steel and come with a seven year warranty. Galvanized steel is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel to prevent premature rust and corrosion. By only using galvanized steel, you will benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs because of its special properties. Read about the ten benefits of galvanized steel.

Tubular Fencing Colours And Styles

All our tubular fencing panels can be matched a limitless variety of colours. This is possible through our exclusive use and preference for Interpon powder coatings, the largest global manufacturer of powder coatings and a world leader in powder coating technology.

Most of our powders coating finishes use Akzo Nobel’s Interpon 200 range of Power Coatings. These are a series of polyurethane-based powder coating which offer excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility properties.

Exceptional Smooth Flow and High Gloss

Interpon 200 powders are ideal for applications where a high level of aesthetic finish is required and provide exceptional smooth flow and high gloss.

Types of tubular fencing:

  • Flat top tubular fence
  • Loop top tubular fence
  • Rod top tubular fence
  • Loop speartop tubular fence
  • Spear top tubular fence
  • Hi-lo spear tubular fence
  • Oxley tubular fence
  • Oxley ring tubular fence

If you would like to know more, please download a:

Tubular Fencing is Great For The Pool

Pool Fences provide an effective safety barrier to keep kids safe and are required to be permanent and no less than 1.2m high.  The Southside Group can either custom manufacture or install pre-fabricated panels to suit your needs.  All fencing is designed to meet the Australian Standard for Pool Fencing. Read our latest blog post for more information about South Australian pool fence regulations.

Tube Pool Fencing Alarms

D&D Technologies the manufacturers of the well-known Magna Latch have just released a new version of the product.  The MagnaLatch® ALERT is now available with Electronic Alarms to add even more safety for your children around the pool or wherever child safety is paramount.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. So you can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, if your gate is not secured.  Another way to ensure your pool fencing and gates are safe this summer.


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