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The Southside Group can Supply & Install Sheet Fencing

The Southside Group are South Australia’s leading sheet fence experts. We’ve been supplying fencing to South Australians for over 21 years and our fencing contractors are the best in Adelaide. Our staff are highly skilled, have an eye for design and obsessed with your satisfaction. We look forward to working with you to complete your fencing projects and can provide you with fencing ideas and design options made to order for most applications.

Sheet Fencing Options

Traditional post and rail fencing is an affordable form of fencing that is simple to design and perfect for do it yourself fencing projects, particularly if you are building on uneven or sloping ground. We will supply you with galvanized posts, rails, and fence sheets in a range of sizes. Our post and rail fencing also includes saddles, fasteners, and fence capping if required. To view our previous installations, visit our inspiration gallery.

Panel fencing is a light weight and attractive option for pool fencing, or the garden. All our aluminium panel fencing is rust free and long lasting designed to meet Australian Standards. We will provide you with pre-made fence panels that attach to aluminium fence posts in ground or with a base to install above ground. Our lightweight aluminium fence panels are easy to install and transport. To view our previous installations, visit our inspiration gallery.

We can supply you with attractive, long lasting and low maintenance horizontal sheet fencing panels. Our horizontal sheet fencing is easy to install, light weight and offers great architectural design. If you are looking for a fence that can suit any environment, horizontal sheet fencing is a great place to start. To view our previous installations, visit our inspiration gallery.

If you want to coordinate the look of your home with your fence, Colorbond fencing is the perfect solution and is available in a wide range of styles and designs. With 14 colours to choose from you are sure to find a colour that suits your needs. A Colorbond fence will never rot, be eaten by termites, is non-combustible and very easy to maintain. Not only is Colorbond tough, but it is beautiful on both sides of the fence.  Once installed, you won’t have to paint the fence, oil or replace pailings. To view our previous installations, visit our inspiration gallery.

Fielders Fencing Panels and Sheets


Fielders Slat Panel Fencing

The Southside Group highly recommends Fielders slat fencing if you are looking for a modern, sleek look to your next home improvement project. The Fielders range of fencing panels are interchangeable and offer the flexibility to custom design a fence that suits your style. Importantly, you’ll receive flexibility in colour, accessories and style. With 14 colours to choose from, four fence sheet profiles and optional lattices, installing a new fence has never been this flexible.

Available In Range Of Colourbond Colours, Please Download Brochure

Fencing Colour Colorbond Brochure
Fencing Colour Colorbond Chart

Why Choose Fielders Slat Panel Fencing?

  • Ability to be interchanged with other Fielders Fencing profiles
  • Available in a diverse range of colours to suit every individual. Check out the Fielders Brouchure
  • Short lead time means you aren’t left waiting for your new fence
  • Ease of installation allows you to save costs
  • Available in a range of Colourbond colours
  • Gates available
  • Available in 3 slat widths: 50mm, 60mm and 70mm
  • Slat gap may be varied to allow a 10mm, 20mm or 30mm gap
  • Available in a range of 14 Colourbond Colours
  • Available in 70mm slat
  • Slat gap may be varied to allow a gap of 10mm, 20mm & 30mm
  • Fielders Slat Fencing can be used as a one panel privacy screen or multiple panel garden fences

The Southside Group  can supply and install Post & Rail or Goodneighbor fencing to suit your needs. Various profiles & colours available.


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