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Whats Is Security Fencing And Its Benefits?

Security fencing is designed to secure property from unauthorised access while adding a visual charm to your structure. The Southside Group manufactures and supplies security fencing suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications. Security fencing is an excellent measure not only for keeping unwanted guests away from your property but also to keep small children and pets from wandering away. With strong steel construction and a range of colour options available security fencing is a fantastic way to add an extra degree of security and style to your property.

Our Selection of Security Fencing

Benefits and Types Of Fencing

  • With sturdy galvanised steel components enjoy a long, low maintenance life for your investment.
  • Pest and vandal resistant.
  • Resistant to harsh Australian conditions, ensuring a long life
  • By reducing the risk of vandalism and burglary to your home with a sturdy security fence you may benefit from reduced home insurance premiums.

Pressed Spear

Made from steel tubes with a pressed top that forms a spear shape. These fences are perfect for schools, large properties and industrial use and can add an air of sophistication to the property.


Weldmesh fences are constructed from steel wire strands electrically welded together to form a sturdy mesh. These types of fences are more suited when a high security option is desirable and visibility through the fence isn’t an issue.


Palisade fencing is a design concept that has had traditional use throughout medieval Europe. Modernised for an aesthetically appealing look and its effectiveness at keeping out unwanted guests, this design is perfect for industrial use or use on larger properties.

Chain Mesh

Chain mesh is a versatile design that can suit most projects whether they’re dependent on security, cost or appearance. It can fit all manner of purposes including: temporary fencing, sporting grounds or security fencing. Available in stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel.

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