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Retaining Walls Questions And Answers

The Southside Group can supply and install concrete sleeper retaining walls to your or our specification. We only use the best materials and have a large selection of styles and colours to complement your home or business.

We carry a large range of retaining wall products, including but not limited to:

  • Stone and limestone blocks in Morphett Vale
  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Segmental block retaining walls
  • Besser Blocks of Brick retaining walls.

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We supply and install concrete retaining wall blocks for terrace retaining walls, vertical retaining walls and even garden edges. Our range of retaining wall blocks are suitable for home, garden and commercial applications.

With 21 years of experience in the retaining wall industries, we can tailor any retaining garden wall solution for your backyard.  As an all in one retaining wall supplier and installer, The Southside Group can assist you at any stage in your retaining wall project.

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Our Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Questions

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are a system of rigid walls used to retain soil at different levels on two sides.

They are designed to restrain soil to a slope that it would not naturally remain in, for example a steep or vertical slope.

For this reason, concrete sleeper retaining walls are a perfect addition to landscaping projects and enhance garden ideas. For example, consider creating a free standing feature garden wall with retaining blocks.

This really depends on the project you are considering. If you are unsure what kind of retaining walls suit your needs, contact Morphett Vale and Adelaide’s leading concrete or stone retaining wall installers for project design ideas.

With 21 years of experience, we’re experts at recommending retaining wall ideas. Our established relationships, manufacturing process and procedures enable our customers to take advantage of the highest quality concrete sleeper retaining walls at low costs and high quality.

Whilst retaining wall products are perfect for home, garden or commercial applications, you can take it a step further by including retaining wall pavers. The Southside Group recommends retaining wall pavers to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home, garden or commercial paving.

We also recommend using different levels on a sloping block, in order to get the most out of your backyard or business space.

Not only are we Adelaide and Morphett Vale’s leading retaining wall installation specialists, but we are also manufacture, design and install them! You can buy everything you need under one roof and have it installed hassle free at unbeatable costs. By buying direct from the manufacturer, you save precious time, cost and stress.

We are leading masonry stone and block suppliers in paving, landscaping and retaining wall products across South Australia. Put The Southside Group to work for you and leverage our materials and skills to ensure the cost of retaining walls and concrete sleepers remain low, ensuring high quality products, builds and designs.

We pride ourselves being able to tailor products to suit any budget. Cost should not be a prohibitive factor in completing the retaining wall projects of your dreams. Feel free to request a quick quote or give us a call.

As a leading manufacturer we offer you  a large choice of retaining wall supplies ranging from:

  • textured retaining blocks
  • smooth block finishes
  • limestone walls
  • stone walls
  • concrete retaining wall blacks
  • besser blocks

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