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Timber Alternative Fencing

Southside Group offers Knotwood™ a revolutionary aluminium timber alternative product to clients seeking the appeal of a timber look without the maintenance of a traditional timber fence.

Knotwood uses aluminium and state of the art sublimation processes to emulate the natural look and timeless appeal of timber. By using Knotwood, you can have the beauty and warmth of timber without the time-consuming maintenance and expense. Additionally, Knotwood is a greener, safer and stronger alternative to traditional wood fencing. Where traditional wooden fences will rot, warp and can start to look worse for wear over time, the aluminium in Knotwood will remain strong and looking brilliant.

Knotwood is available in 8 timber look colours inspired by the natural world; from traditional warm hues to sleek, modern looking ashes. Their special powder coating system allows them to offer even more colours to match whatever style is in your head. Their unique powder is electrically charged and then baked with the metal to fuse them into an attractive permanent finishing proving you with an even richer colour. The life like wood grain colours are even textured to feel like real wood, adding even more class to your home.

Our Knotwood Selection

Knotwood’s system has been created as a no weld system, so it can be easily installed on site using Knotwood’s range of extrusions. It’s also specifically designed to have no need for pre-drilling and is 50% lighter per square metre than treated pine – saving your DIY project and back from heavy lifting. Further, Knotwood is highly flexible so you can choose the height, width and size that suits you. You can lay the battens vertical, horizontal, diagonal or mix’n’match, the sky’s the limit. Arrange the battens tightly together for more privacy or spread them out to create your own unique design. Knotwood strives to provide attractive modular systems that conceal all the nitty gritty screws and fixings. Their aluminium systems are simple and versatile allowing for effortless DIY installation.

Three standard widths available, 38mm, 65mm & 100mm

Extrusions available in 6m lengths

End caps are offered in range of sizes and colours to compliment your new fence and complete the stylish look you require.

Southside Group offers Knotwood™ as Supply Only (DIY) or Supplied & Installed.


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