Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

When you hear Colorbond your first thought may be of roofing, but over the years Colorbond fencing has started to become just as popular. Colorbond fencing is a great material – it’s good looking, durable and simple to maintain. What’s more, it’s been tested in our harsh Australian conditions for over 50 years and withstood the test of time as a market leader for roofing. Now all the great benefits of Colorbond’s roofing products are available for your fence. With a wide range of colours and impressive durability, Colorbond is an appealing choice for many Australian homeowners.

Advantages of Colorbond Materials

Colorbond is a great material that has been trusted by Australians for years, and for good reason. Colorbond is highly corrosion resistant, easy to clean, fireproof – and can even serve as a barrier against fire – and it will not rot or suffer termite damage. In fact, it Colorbond is so easy to clean that it usually just needs a light hose down to keep it looking fantastic.

Plus, Colorbond is a modular system. This means that for those looking for a good DIY project to tackle around the home a Colorbond installation can be just the ticket. A big enough job to keep you busy, but simple enough that you won’t break the fence or your back! Plus, you can save that money that would have gone towards the installation for some outdoor furniture to admire your new fence from.

Uncompromising Style Options

Colorbond steel is a very versatile system and comes in 14 designer colours to choose from so it’s easy to blend with the style of your home. Each Colorbond fencing colour is inspired by Australia’s own magnificent backyard. Colorbond steel also comes in a range of design options with different panel styles. Whether you live in a rural area or the inner suburbs you can find a design that will complement your property. Plus, you can personalise your fence further by adding lattice, slates and post caps.

Long Lasting Components

As mentioned, a Colorbond fence can be a great DIY project, and that’s because it’s just so easy to install. All Colorbond components are designed to fit together easily without any need for special tools you won’t find in the average garage. Simply install the posts and then fit the bottom rails between them and then lock the panels into place with the top rails. Plus, your Colorbond components will last for years without any need for repainting, oiling or other tedious maintenance to keep looking its best.

Style and Durability at an Attractive Price

By now you’re probably thinking that an impressive fencing system like Colorbond may cost an arm and a leg and then some. But, Colorbond is competitively priced compared to other fencing materials, and that’s just at the point of purchasing. Colorbond is simpler and cheaper to install – or free if you’re up to installing it yourself – and won’t cost you anything in maintenance besides a light hosing from time to time. So, Colorbond becomes an investment that keeps saving you money and effort over the years.

Colorbond is manufactured here in Australia and comes with a long-lasting warranty. Make sure to ask for a copy of the warranty as some terms do apply to the warranty, such as whether it is perforated or corroded.

If you’re in the market for a new fence you may find Colorbond is the perfect material to add style and privacy to your home. Plus, with its affordability and low maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your fence without worrying about the hole left in your pocket. With a wide range of design and colour options available, the team at Southside Group can help turn your dream fence into a reality all at an affordable price.

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