Electric Powered Velux Skylight Windows

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Electric Velux Skylight Windows

Electric Velux Skylight The Velux Electric Skylight of VSE for short offers the comfort and energy savings of free daylight and fresh air and has the added convenience of a remote control and rain sensor. However, it lacks certain bells and whistles that the Velux Solar Powered Skylight has

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash;
  • Outer aluminium cappings (grey);
  • Complete with pre-installed electric motor, control system & rain sensor;
  • Simple to install – 2 metre lead (supplied) plugs into power point;
  • Smooth, low profile sits lower in the roof, does not obstruct the roofline;
  • Choice of 9 sizes. Insect screen fitted as standard;
  • Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs;
  • High Performance double glazing as standard, with NEAT™ outer coating, reduces cleaning frequency; and
  • Approximately 80% Heat Block.

  • Available home automation system interface;
  • Timer function;
  • External rain sensor; and
  • Radio frequency (RF) controller with advanced options for skylight and blind operation.

Velux skylights are famous for their unbeatable quality and reputation for the last thirty (30) years in Australia and seventy-five years (75) internationally. Velux skylights and roof windows are designed to take on the harshest conditions in the world and provide a lifetime of faultless service. For unbeatable range, quality, value, delivery, guaranteed workmanship and after sales service call or request a quote from the Southside Group, your trusted Velux distributor.

Velux roof windows and skylights come with a ten (10) year warranty for your roof windows and flashings and a three (3) year warranty on accessories including electronic controls. Not only are Velux Skylights and Roof Windows durable, they add value to your home instantly and are included in the National Energy Rating Programme (AccuRate) and state run programmes such as FirstRate & Basix.

Velux Skylights use High Performance glazing and comply with Australian Standard AS 1288 which requires sloped overhead glazing to consist of laminated glass. All Velux skylights and roof windows except sun tunnels are non-combustible and comply with BCA Fire Separation requirements

Velux fixed roof windows and skylights come with high performance double glazing and include:

  • Laminated inner panes for added safety.
  • Outer pane of toughened safety glass
  • Low-E³ coating maximises Light Transmittance/reduces Solar Heat Gain
  • Argon filled cavity together with Low-E³ coating increases thermal performance by reducing approx 75% of heat flow through the pane
  • NEAT™ Coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency. Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency

Radiant heat block:

  • Complete window approximately 80%
  • Glass only approx 75%
  • UV Harmful rays block approx 99%
  • Noise reduction factor‡ 32 decibels
  • WERS rating 5 stars
  • Double layer of Low-E³ coating.
  • 10 year warranty on insulated glass seal.

Reduced cleaning frequency

It goes without saying that Australia has some of the most unforgiving and beautiful weather in the world. Velux is the only manufacturer of solar powered skylights that has passed every single test that could be thrown at it, these include:

Cyclone Testing

Velux Solar Powered Skylights are tough enough to withstand cyclonic conditions and passed the AS 4285 cyclone test which involved fixing the skylight to a bed and sealed to prevent air escaping. Air is then pumped beneath the skylight to expand it and sucked out again over ten thousand (10000) times.

Hail Testing

Since Australia does not a have a uniform hail test to measure the resilience of glass, Velux adopted the American ASTM E822-2009 hail impact test where glass is subjected to brutal regime of bombardment by synthetic hail stones the weight of cricket balls at speeds up to 172 KPH (faster than any professional bowler). The end result? Not a single scratch. Talk about durability.

Bushfire Testing

Velux Skylights have passed the unforgiving Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40) test. This means they are designed to withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius. That is one fifth the temperature of the Sun’s surface or the equivalent of lava flowing from a volcano for up to ten minutes. This is an important consideration given that most bushfires pass within two (2) to five (5) minutes.

The Southside Group only stocks to most hi-tech skylights that you can buy in Australia. What makes Velux Solar Powered Skylights special is their unique NEAT™ coating which provides the following benefits:

Water Dispersal

The NEAT ™ coating ensures the glass surfer is so smooth that water disperses evenly and evaporates quickly. This coating drastically reduces water spotting.

 Organic Matter Decomposition

By working with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the unique NEAT ™ coating breaks down organic matter before the shower of rain rinses it away. This is particularly important for bird droppings and means your skylights require much less cleaning.

Photocatalytic Coating

This special coating covers the complete surface of the outer pane and uses silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide to make your life easy by keeping your skylight clean.


  • What is the installation pitch for the VSE Skylight?

    Velux VS Skylights must be installed between 15 and 90 degrees. If the pitch of your roof is less than 15 degrees, you must use a custom flashing. Our expert skylight contractors can install these for you.

  • Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?

    The Southside Group stocks Velux’s flashing kits. These kits are purpose engineered with precise pitch requirements. Why does this matter? Roof pitch is a critical consideration because it ensures the roof’s slope is sufficient to drain water effectively from the flashing and skylight.

  • Why is roof pitch important for skylight installations?

    The Southside Group stocks Velux’s flashing kits. These kits are purpose engineered with precise pitch requirements. Why does this matter? Roof pitch is a critical consideration because it ensures the roof’s slope is sufficient to drain water effectively from the flashing and skylight.

  • Can electric skylights be turned and installed sideways?

    VELUX COMBI-FLASHING is engineered for this purpose. However, the pitch of the roof must be 15° or greater.

  • What glazing does the VSE come in?

    The VSE comes standard with our ‘High Performance’ glazing. This glazing provides a laminated internal pane to meet Australian Standard AS 1288 which is required for skylights installed greater than 3m above floor level. This glazing also comes with NEAT™ coating to reduce cleaning frequency.

  • Can I apply a film or tint to the glass?

    In order to preserve your manufacturer warranty, the Southside Group does not recommend adding store-bought film to the skylight glass. Velux skylight glass is made with a LoE coating and injected with Argon gas which makes our skylights very energy efficient.

  • What colour is the VSE?

    All current skylight have an exterior neutral grey colour that blends well with most roofing materials (similar to COLORBOND ironstone grey). The internal colour is white to match white ceilings.

  • How far do electric skylights open?

    All sizes open to approximately 300mm.

  • Does the Electric Skylight have a rain sensor?

    Yes, electric skylights come with pre-installed rain sensor as standard. The internally mounted rain sensors automatically close the skylight when rain is detected.

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