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Economical Skylights & Quick Installation

Econotube SkylightsWhere budget and natural lighting needs are modest, the Econotube Flexible Shaft Skylight combines premium Solatube top components with economical below the roof line components to offer a low cost tubular skylight. The Econotube Skylight is an ideal option for homes with raked ceilings or that have minimal to no roof space.

If you are looking to have skylights installed but are also on a budget then we recommend the Econotube. The Econotube skylight system provides a budget friendly natural lighting solution and combines premium quality rooftop components from Solatube to offer a cheap tubular skylight solution that can be installed in less than three hours.

  • All components include roof profile, dome, flexible duct and ceiling fitting and come with a 7 year warranty;
  • Leak proof and designed to suit any roof application;
  • UV resistant dome;
  • Very durable and hail resistant polymer dome;
  • DIY friendly with fully illustrated instructions for the handy-man/woman;
  • 100% Australian Standard Skylight Manufacturer AS4285 compliant; and
  • Ceiling diffuser comes with a 12 month warranty and installation warranty.

The Econotube is available in two sizes: 250mm and 400mm which ensures it is a perfect fit for any home or workplace application.

Typically most of our customers have the 250mm skylights installed in their stairway, bathroom, ensuite, toilet, laundry and or wardrobe. If you have a larger space, the 400mm skylight is a perfect fit for the kitchen, large bathroom, large ensuite, hallway or stairway. However, if you have a very large space you may require more than one unit to ensure the entire area is adequately lit.

Here at the Southside Group we’re obsessed with giving you the highest value for your money and recommend the following additions to ensure you maximize the amount of daylight you bring into your home:

  • Mechanical Ventilation Add on for 250mm skylights which ensure a steady stream of fresh air and natural bright light. We particularly love this add on as it features a discrete appearance all in one ceiling fitting.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Add on for 400mm skylights. Perfect for lager applications and designed to draw in even more fresh air into your home in addition to energy efficient and free day light!

Have you considered Passive Ventilation?

The Econotube skylight is also available in a passively vented model which is great for areas where passive air flow is highly desired. This is great if you are looking to make your building or space as green as possible rather than burning through the ozone layer with an expensive to run airconditioning system.  You’ll not only save thousands of dollars per year, but also improve the overall air quality of your internal climate while doing your bit for the environment.

Passive Ventilation provides a natural ventilation system which uses natural forces like thermal buoyancy and wind to move air to and from indoor spaces. By doing so, a passive air flow system such as the Econotube skylight works hard (for free) to ensure you are breathing fresh air while extracting stale air.

Not only is passive ventilation extremely versatile, but there are a number of benefits which make it an absolute no-brainer, some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Consistency – each room receives the perfect amount of cool and warm air. This maintains a consistent temperature and ensures a pleasant level and eliminates the need to constantly adjust the system.
  • Low maintenance – not only does passive ventilation reduce costs, it also saves time and does not require costly maintenance.
  • Reduced costs – passive ventilation only relies on natural forces, not electricity. This means that even in a black out, you’ll benefit from the highest quality airflow without having a drain on your finances. Something worth considering given South Australia’s recent track record for power outages in the Summer.
  • Cleaner air – if you have a young family this simply can’t be overlooked. A passive ventilation system ensures that clean air is flowing throughout your home at all times. Not only does this improve air quality, but it also improves the health of occupants whilst increasing wellbeing and concentration levels.

Simply call, visit our showroom, or request a quote online and one of our skylight installers in Morphett Vale will guide you through the process and provide you with a free measure and quote. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise there will be no mess, no fuss and importantly no leaks.

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