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DIY Carport

DIY Carport A carport is a valuable and practical addition to a home and will protect your vehicle from the elements all year-round. But did you know you can install one yourself with the right materials and planning? It turns out it’s easier than you may think. Do I need a building permit? Before building

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Do I need Council Approval Before Building a Carport in South Australia?

If you are building a new carport you will probably need council approval. Unfortunately, the long answer isn’t simple either as different councils will have different rules. Fortunately, in South Australia carports that meet the requirements laid out in the Residential Code only require building approval. Since they don’t require planning assessment or consent, if

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Why Buying a Carport Is Better Than Building a Garage

A car is one of the most expensive purchases people make, second only to a house to park it in front of. With all the money you spend on your vehicle , it’s a worthwhile investment to give it a secure place to park. Typically, you will need to choose between a garage or a

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How Metal Buildings Respond To Mother Nature’s Outbursts

There seems to be a common misunderstanding about the ability of metal structures to stand up to the forces of nature and a misconception that they are more susceptible to weather conditions than other types of buildings. This could not be further from the truth – as long as the building is of course installed

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Garage in Top Shape​

Garages are important. Here at Southside Group we certainly know that, since we sell them! They’re where many people keep their vehicles, sports equipment, sometimes a freezer or two, and lawn and garden equipment. Garages can get messy and hectic very easily, and they can also end up in pretty rough shape, however. Here’s

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Outdoor Areas & Why You Should Have One

Whether you are wanting to add value to your house or your lifestyle, an outdoor area is one option high on the list for every Australian. Building a verandah or patio to complement your home can add thousands to resale value and expand your home’s design. Additional living spaces for those larger family celebrations

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