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Build your own Carport or Verandah

DIY Carports & Verandahs provide protection and value

Constant exposure to the unforgiving Australian sun, rain and wind will turn your car or boat into a bucket of rust. That’s a fact. But, you can do something about it and protect your investments with a LYASGHT Carport or Verandah Kit.

Not only is it the perfect solution for your car protection needs, but you can add substantial value to your home and is engineered to even withstand cyclonic conditions. Each DIY Carport kit is backed by a structural warranty from LYSAGHT and a COLORBOND steel material warranty from Bluescope.


Versatile Carport Designs

Express your individuality by selecting from structural design options, and roof sheets in a range of materials and colours. We can also supply you with roof beams and posts – designed to integrate with your home or business.

When you invest in a DIY carport or verandah kit with Southside be sure to ask us for some tips and tricks before you get started.

Every DIY Carport & Verandah Kit we supply includes:

  • 100% structurally engineered solutions engineered solutions (including cyclonic)
  • Full certification including Form 15
  • Colour scheme representations
  • Detailed drawings in 2D and 3D
  • Cutting lists and a complete bill of materials
  • 100% Australian made COLORBOND® steel products
  • 20 year structural performance warranty from Lysaght*
  • 15 year perforation warranty from BlueScope

Distinctive Design Solutions

The Southside Group will work together with you to deliver the perfect shelter solution, custom designed for your lifestyle and budget needs.  LYSAGHT’s Living Collection features unique design solutions, not off-the-shelf one-size fits all solutions.

When you buy a carport kit or verandah kit from the Southside Group you are buying peace of mind and unbeatable quality. Our DIY Carport kits and verandah kits made from durable, fire and termite resistant material, and feature steel roofing.

Our DIY solutions are designed with the handyman in mind and made from the highest quality Australian made components. They are designed to go together easily and safely with no special tools required.

Fully Engineered Carports

When you visit the Southside group, we will provide you with a fully engineered shelter to Australian Standards. We take the location and environment into consideration to provide the perfect end-user carport and verandah installation.

If you are in the market for a DIY carport kit or DIY verandah kit, you can choose how you want to shop. Call (08) 8384 6144, complete an online quote request form or alternatively visit us

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