Do I need Council Approval Before Building a Carport in South Australia?

If you are building a new carport you will probably need council approval.

Unfortunately, the long answer isn’t simple either as different councils will have different rules. Fortunately, in South Australia carports that meet the requirements laid out in the Residential Code only require building approval. Since they don’t require planning assessment or consent, if your carport will conform to the requirements the process can be faster. However, the code does not apply in certain restricted areas of the state including heritage locations, the Hills Face Zone of the Adelaide Hills and flood-prone areas.

Check With Your Local Council Before You Build

It’s important to check with your local council and there is usually plenty of information on their websites to find the answer to your question. We’ve included some of the main metropolitan city’s guidelines for your convenience as well as sifted through some of the bulk to provide some general advice.

In the City of Salisbury for example, council approval will not be required if the carport complies with the following:

  •    Freestanding outbuilding
  •    No higher than 2.5m above natural ground level
  •    No larger than 15m2 in area
  •    Span of less than 3m
  •    No closer to the primary street than the existing dwelling
  •    No closer than 900mm to secondary street boundary for corner blocks
  •    Not the subject of any encumbrances

If the structure complies with these guidelines and you’re in the City of Salisbury, you won’t need to seek council approval.

Council Building Codes and Guidelines

For other metropolitan councils, the conditions for not requiring building consent are similar, but some of the differences are listed below:

City of Port Adelaide Enfield carports have an area restriction of 40m2 and a height restriction of 3 metres above natural ground (not including gable end). Also, outbuildings will not be within 3 metres of any other relevant wall or structure located along the boundary.

City of Adelaide carports must not be within 6 metres of a corner boundary that faces two roads, other than where a 4m by 4m corner cut off has been created.

City of Charles Sturt and City of Onkaparinga carports will require developmental approval regardless of dimensions.

City of Prospect carports will usually require developmental approval regardless of dimensions.

Note that the information provided here should be used as a guide only, and it’s still important to get in contact with your local council before planning any building. They’ll be able to inform you of any forms you need to submit and often their websites will have a checklist to make sure you’ve got everything ready for your application. We hope you’ll find the information here to be a useful first step.

Building Regulations and Guidelines 

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