4 Great Ideas For A Top-Notch Veranda

Verandahs are a wonderful place to have fun, relax, enjoy the sunset or have a delicious family dinner. They are valued extensions to a home that bring a lot of joy to everyone for the way they allow you to get outdoors all from the comfort of your own home. At Southside Group we have many design options including our Lysaght line of verandahs with a 20-year structural performance warranty and a material performance warranty. These can be installed in many different styles, and here are some additional ideas to make your veranda the top of the line and unique.

  1. Try adding some unique touches such as outdoor curtains

This can be really nice. Pick billowing, bright curtains to make your veranda a charming haven from the busy world outside. Use a drawstring to open and tie them to the side. Another nice touch can be to screen in your veranda. This provides all the light and view you need while making sure pesky bugs can’t get in to bite you. Curtains or screening are both wonderful options.

  1. Get creative with flowers and shrubs

Adding flowers such as climbers to the veranda such as bougainvillea can be a really nice touch. The flowers are brilliant colored and last quite a long time. Additionally, planting some shrubs and adding potted plants or small trees around the perimeter of your veranda can be a really tasteful way to add some spice and verve to your setup.

  1. Swing in the breeze

Adding a rustic swing of some kind can be a great option to make your veranda even more unique and comfortable. Whether you want a padded loveseat swing or some comfortable lounge chairs suspended from beams above, having a nice place to kick back and swing a little can be the perfect end to the day, or even start to the day as you rock back and forth with your morning coffee.

  1. Think about what you’ll be using your verandah for and how you want it to look

This is all about you. Do you want glass windows around your veranda, open air, screened in, hanging curtains? Do you want tropical colours and plants or a more modernist, black leather couch design? How big do you want the veranda to be and what material would you like its floor to be made out of? These are all questions you should be asking in advance of deciding what design and style to go for. In the wide world of verandas there are many options and really there are so many styles you can go for if you have the desire to get creative.

Hopefully these ideas have been inspiring and helpful to you in your quest to achieve a wonderful veranda that will be a treasure for years to come. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the many things the Southside Group can do to make sure you end up with the veranda of your dreams.


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