10 Reasons for Carport

There are many reasons to consider installing a carport for your home. While garages are more popular in the United States, here are some options to consider a carport for your South Australian home.

  1. The most obvious reason to buy a carport is for protection from the elements, which will greatly extend the longevity of your vehicle. Excessive sunlight can help lead to rust, while rain, sleet and the occasional winter snow fall will also degrade the exterior. Also, keep in mind how a carport can protect your vehicle in the case of a major weather disaster, if a tree branch or other natural object flies into your vehicle, it could come with substantial repair costs. The same goes for hail dents, and other tree damage.
  2. Carports are safer. If you to park on the street, it puts that much more distance between you and your door. This is especially important if you live alone. Burglars are known to hang out garages to pounce unsurprising homeowners, but are less likely to hang out in a carport because it’s closer to the home, more exposed and much harder to stay hidden in. This will also discourage theft or vandalism from your vehicle itself. For added safety, consider adding motion detector lights.
  3. Carports aren’t just functional – they can be fun too. Turn it into a party space or as an outdoor porch if you need the space. They’re great for gathering the family under shade for barbecue on a hot summer day.
  4. Carports are also cheaper and more cost effective than a regular garage. Depending on the size of the carport, it’s very unlikely you‘ll require a building permit. In addition to fewer materials, carport installations cost substantially less than if you were to opt for a garage. Find out if council approval to build a carport in South Australia.
  5. And even if you don’t want to hire a professional for your carport (although we recommend you do), they often come in easy-to-construct ready-to-go kits that allow you to do the job yourself. Unlike a garage, you won’t need an electrician or engineer to install the structure. Find out how to install a DIY Carport or buy a DIY carport kit.
  6. Carports can serve as multi-functional structures. In adding to housing more than one vehicle, they can serve as a home for boats, RVs, trailers, motorcycles and more. Build some walls or shelves in your carport and you’ve got even more storage space for tools, a workbench, garden equipment and more. With a canopy, your carport can also serve as an effective storage unit, although we would advise against storing anything too valuable there as they don’t have the same level of security as a garage.
  7. Perhaps the best part about carports is how easy they are to use. Because they don’t have doors, you simply drive in, which can be make a huge hassle easier when coming home with grocery bags or the kids. No more fumbling with your garage opener or hoping it will detect your vehicle in time.
  8. Since carports are fairly light-weight structures, they are literally portable. If you’re planning on moving from your property in the near future, it’s very feasible to take your carport with you. In contrast, if you moved to a new building without a garage, you would have to request a building permit to your home. Carports are considered non-permanent, so it goes where you go.
  9. And then if you decide to not take your carport with you, it can add value to your home when you decide to sell. Ideally, a permanent steel constructed carport will add the most value, as these are very attractive assets for Australian motorists. But even a basic canopy carport, if constructed sturdily with a durable steel frame, will entice potential buyers.
  10. Best of all, a carport will save you money! You can throw away your electric garage opener, which often needs to be replaced, unnecessary lighting for the interior’s garage and other features that drain energy. And of course, your vehicle, perhaps the second biggest asset you own after your home, will require fewer repairs because it’s protected from the elements.

We can not only help you make your home look better but it will be functional and add value. With over 20 years of experience, we are Southern Adelaide’s leading carport contractors and installers. Call or visit our showroom for a great selection of affordable carport kits.

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