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Carports & Verandahs

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Why Choose Lysaght Living®?

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and expertise to ensure a smooth build.

  • STRONG COLORBOND® steel, manufactured to Australian standards.

  • THE FLAWLESS FINISH that’s resistant to peeling, chipping and cracking.

  • A WORLD OF COLOUR to match your home’s features, at your fingertips.

  • PRECISION ENGINEERED SmartParts® and the security of a 20-year structural warranty.

Colorbond® Carports

Combining elements of the skillion & pitched style options, a LYSAGHT Living Collection® Designer verandah or patio offers you unparalleled design flexibility for your outdoor living area. By having a carport or verandah installed you immediately add lifestyle benefits, protection and value to your home.

One of the features you’ll enjoy most about whatever LYSAGHT Living Collection® choice you make is the ability of your selected verandah, carport or patio to retain its good looks year after year with only the easiest of maintenance requirements.

LYSAGHT carports provide a durable defence against the harshest elements of the Australian climate and can be custom designed for your needs. If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in a new car or boat, it makes sense to protect your interior and paintjob by shielding it from the sun.

There is no faster or easier option to protect your investments than having Southside Group install a LYSAGHT LIVING carport designed to fit anything from your boat, caravan, motorbikes or 4WD.

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Structural Options

The LYSAGHT LIVING® range of carports offers three options to choose from:

Skillion Carports

Skillion is durable and easy to erect. It provides versatility and flexible style that is strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions. This type of roofing will seamlessly blend with your home and creates a serene homely feel. Beams come in 100mm, 150mm or 200m variants and can cater to any design you want.Looking for a quality verandah or patio for your Adelaide home? At Southside Group, we supply skillion (flat-roofed) verandahs and patios from the LYSAGHT Living Collection®, giving you a versatile solution to your outdoor entertainment needs. Skillion verandahs are available as either freestanding or attached to the home, and are designed to complement a large range of architectural styles.

Adding a skillion verandah to your home gives you a stylish and functional area that extends your interior to the outside and provides a seamless interaction between the two. Let Southside Group install a skillion verandah on your home and soon you’ll have the perfect space for outdoor cooking and dining, social gatherings, children’s parties, or just for relaxing and enjoying the great Australian climate.

Pitched Carports

Choose from a Gable, Dutch Gable or Hip pitched roof options to complement your freestanding or attached carport. With a wide range of design choices, a pitched roof will afford a more open and spacious feel.Let Southside Group install a pitched verandah or patio from the LYSAGHT Living Collection® range on your Adelaide home and watch your outdoor space transform before your eyes. Choose from a pitched gable, hip or Dutch verandah or patio, finding the perfect match for your home and your personal taste.The advantage of a pitched roof is that it gives your outdoor room a sense of space and openness, while still protecting you from the elements, ensuring you get the most out of your new verandah. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying outdoor dining, BBQs, entertaining or just relaxing with family and friends in a space that has been designed to suit both your home and your lifestyle.


Designer Carports

If you are facing a challenging space or desire a unique mix of style elements, our designer Gable Insert can be custom built to suit your needs. For example, we can provide you with a combination of pitched gables and skillion roof.

Easy Carport & Verandah Maintenance 

Your new home addition should not require constant maintenance. Keeping your new LYSAGHT investment in pristine condition requires minimal effort and leaves you free to enjoy your precious time. Below, you will find three easy maintenance tips to follow:

  1. Use a regular wash down with water to remove accumulated dirt and grime
  2. Ensure your downpipes are not blocked and regularly rinse and clean your gutters
  3. Keep an eye on your gutters, beams and the underside of your roofs which are not exposed to rain.

Read our Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Garage in Top Shape.

20 Year Structural Performance Warranty

The LYSAGHT LIVING home collection of carports, patios and garages are designed to be around long after you’ve sold your house or moved. Every LYSAGHT LIVING structure is backed by the strength and reputation of Bluescope steel, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers.

Bluescope Material Performance Warranty

The COLORBOND ® steel used to manufacture your LYSAGHT LIVING ® home addition is warranted by Bluescope. Bluescope Material Warranties must be applied for online via the Bluescope Warranty Management System.

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