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Raybender Technology

Daylighting-SystemDaylight may be free but capturing it and bringing it indoors does presents its own unique set of difficulties. For example, light patterns shift over time, and glare is a big concern for commercial spaces which results in negative impacts for building occupants. Thankfully, Solatube has the perfect skylight system to overcome these challenges. The Brighten up Series of skylights are a perfect addition for commercial applications such as small offices, storage rooms and corridors. Whilst still manufactured by Solatube, the Brighten Up Series is a line of tubular skylights that feature Raybender Technology. This technology is an optical innovation built into Solatube’s already successful line of rooftop domes.

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Health And Procuctivity

There is no denying the correlation between sunlight and happiness. It’s a fact that happy workers are also more productive. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in a solution that not only ensures everyone in your office is happy but also healthy. When sunlight is allowed to enter your workspace through our Solatube skylights, people will be happier, healthier and more productive. Research has shown that daylight improves employee retention, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and mitigates seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Simply call, visit our showroom, or request a quote online and one of our skylight installers in Morphett Vale will guide you through the process and provide you with a free measure and quote. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise there will be no mess, no fuss and importantly no leaks.

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By selectively redirecting and reflecting the delivery of daylight into interior spaces, the Brighten Up Series of Solatube Skylights minimise costs associated with airconditioning units and prevent UV light from entering your building which may damage your interiors and fade furniture and fabric.

The optical control system works by using selective optics to maximise capture of low-angle rays of light while rejecting over powering high angle rays of light at lunch time. This is especially important given South Australia’s blistering hot hummers and ensures a controlled daylighting with minimal glare and consistent light distribution.

Solatube skylights ensure consistent colour temperature throughout the day and stable colour rendition on interior surfaces over the course of the year. In addition to ensuring consistency, Solatube skylights feature Light Transfer Efficiency which minimises seasonal variations and provides the most amount of light for greater output and enhanced light delivery. This is why Solatube produces the best skylights on the market.

Solatube skylights are designed to adapt with your changing spaces. If a building is reconfigured or modified, tubular skylights can change alongside. The Southside Group can swap out fixtures, add new effect lenses or light controls. Also, our tubular skylights can be easily relocated to a new location. This kind of flexibility ensures that your Solatube skylights can be adjusted to conform to your needs as time passes, making them a true investment.

Solatube tubular skylights are engineered to be reliable and feature leak-proof flashings and curb caps, self-cleaning domes and ultra-violet / infrared screening. This means your skylights can withstand even the most extreme weather South Australia can throw at it and requires little to no maintenance.

From a financial perspective, Solatube skylights make sense to purchase because they are cost-effective and reduce maintenance costs associated with conventional electric lighting. In fact, installing Solatube skylights often cost less than traditional lighting systems. The end result is a reliable, high performance and commercially sensible lighting system.

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